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Find out all the reasons why our vocational school is the right choice for you



1. Come as you are

Prior knowledge does not matter to us. We will work with whatever expertise and prior knowledge you bring.

2. You are not just a number

We don’t just see your grades; we consider your dedication and growth, offering the support you need.

3. No lecture hall vibes

We teach in small classes, ensuring individual time with tutors for feedback and guidance.

4. Equipped like a pro

Our online streaming classes, offered in 100% high definition, ensure the best possible experience for interacting with your classmates and tutors.

5. Practical as a Swiss knife

You will work on practical assignments each semester. This will be key to bringing your creative portfolio to the next level!

6. Reputation

htk academy has over 30 years of experience in training the creative minds of tomorrow.

7. Content in English

You will have the chance to study one of the most successful HTK courses, Communication Design and Game, fully in English.

8. Your getaway to a career in Germany

A vocational certificate from htk academy will qualify you to work in Germany.

9. Career prospects

Our hands-on, highly practical programmes will give you the key skills needed to get a job in the creative industry.

10. Employer ready

With us, you will build an impressive creative portfolio, which will help you wow your employer in your next job interviews..

11. Expand your horizons

Our online courses will help you discover new passions. Before you know it, you’ll be doing photo reportages or designing your own magazine!

12. Flexible entry requirements

Entry requirements for vocational courses are way less complex and stringent than those for bachelor’s degree programmes: another reason to consider htk academy!

13. Market Trend Aware

As a private academy, we can adjust our curriculum based on current market trends.

14. Monthly payments

Forget about hefty yearly fees or upfront payments; at htk academy you can easily pay online.

15. Industry experts

You will learn from professionals who primarily work in their relevant creative fields. Having tutors with years of industry experience adds invaluable insight to your live streaming classes.

16. Top up degree options

As htk academy is part of Global University Systems (GUS), you will have the opportunity to continue your studies at one of htk academy’s sister companies and pursue a top-up bachelor’s degree.

17. Study wherever you are

You will be able to join the live streaming classes from anywhere in the world.

18. New possibilities

The German government has introduced new laws aimed at simplifying processes for international creative individuals to work in Germany. The primary requirement is the completion of a vocational course.

19. Full on support

Our dedicated htk team is here every step of the way to ensure we answer your questions and address any doubts throughout the entire process.

20. We help you dream big

Want to learn to make business cards for your dad’s company? Think bigger! Create new ads for Nike!



Our student advisors will be happy to help you find the htk academy programme offered in English that best suits your needs!